Fashion Faux Pas – 2002

Fashion reached a new low 15 years ago when there was a hooker chic look consisting of overly tight everything with overly pointy-toed boots, laced up tops, low rise bell bottom jeans and micro minis or hot pants that looked like wide belts. Added to this was a dash of ripped up punk and a heap of boho hippy fringe with frosted, fried, hair and asymmetrical hems. Don’t forget to pile on some velour sweats and wear  underwear as outwear… Let us pray to the fashion gods 2002 is NEVER REVIVED.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas – 2002

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    My name is Marlen Komar and I’m a fashion writer at I’m currently writing a fashion history piece regarding trends in the ’60s, and I’d love to interview you for it. If you’re interested, can I email you directly? Or feel free to email me a response at: marlen.komar(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!!

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