Why we wear clothes?

I don’t normally comment on who wore what at events anymore because I don’t want to judge others, but after seeing some of the Grammy outfits this year I have to wonder what has happened to good taste.

Clothes are a great way to look better – to accentuate the good parts and hide the bad bits. Clothes also help to¬†empower, entice and protect – they communicate who we are and who we want to be. There was a lot of flack over Lady Gaga’s tiny muffin top at the Super Bowl Halftime show – not really worth even mentioning, although I wonder why she didn’t wear something cut a smidgen higher to begin with – that is what clothes are for. So I have to wonder what these people were thinking when they put on their outfits…

Costume ball?:

Oh alright.. I’ll go, but I’m wearing something comfortable:

It worked then, so I am going to wear it again:

I think I have seen this before:

I have a ton of money and no taste:

What occasion is this for again?:

2 thoughts on “Why we wear clothes?

  1. Bathrobe guy’s partner is wearing a good dress, though – big thumbs up for that, it’s really chic and follows the golden rule of showing off just one part in extremis, while keeping the rest under covers.

    • I like the dress too, although I didn’t think her shoes needed that extra touch of colour – the dress already had a LOT to say! Regardless, she wasn’t the problem!

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