If you’re old enough to remember 1967…

… then you might want to know that forty-four years ago next week is the anniversary of the opening of Expo ’67 in Montreal. My family was across the country in Vancouver so we couldn’t attend, but from my six year old perspective it seemed like the most important event in the world during the summer of 1967. The event officially marked the centennial of Canadian Confederation and unofficially the beginning of some serious historically-rooted political unrest in Quebec. But to me, Expo ’67 looked like the future and the hostesses from the various pavillions looked like Mod stewardesses from a rocket ship!

1 thought on “If you’re old enough to remember 1967…

  1. Hi,

    Oh wow! My dad took the whole family up to Canada for vacation and we spent a day at the Expo. I was thrilled! I had almost forgotten about it, so thank you for the images which stirred my memories. My older sister dressed like that too…she was pretty stylish and hip so she went more for the Mod and Carnaby look! Canada is SO beautiful.


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