Erata – 1950s American Fashion

1950s-usa-fashionPlease note that in my book 1950s American Fashion I made a stupid mistake – probably caused by my brain, eyes and fingers not listening to each other. A friend of the family of designer Helga Oppenheimer wrote to tell me that Helga was married to Walter Oppenheimer, not Robert – who was, of course, the father of the atomic bomb…  Walter was not just Helga’s husband, he was also her business partner and fabric importer.

My apologies.


2 thoughts on “Erata – 1950s American Fashion

  1. This makes me feel a bit better about my Madeleine Cheruit blooper in Edwardian Fashion (although it looks like EVERYONE thought she was called Madeleine until recently when they realised she was actually Louise.) These things happen, especially with names – it’s easily done!!

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