American creator of the Beehive hairdo Margaret Heldt 1918 – 2016

1465886335512In February 1960, the editor of Modern Beauty Shop magazine challenged Chicago hairdressing salon owner and hairstyling champion Margaret Heldt, to create a new hairstyle for the new decade. Taking inspiration from the shape of a favourite hat, Margaret backcombed a model’s hair, then wrapped it neatly on the top of the head in a beehive shape, finishing off the towering ‘do with a chenille bee and a lot of hairspray.

Michela Theresa Vinci, the daughter of Italian immigrants, was born February 11, 1918 on the West Side of Chicago. She passed her board exam in 1935 and won her first styling competition in 1944. In 1950 Margaret (as she preferred to be called) opened her own salon on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which she ran until the 1990s. Margaret Heldt died June 10 2016.

2 thoughts on “American creator of the Beehive hairdo Margaret Heldt 1918 – 2016

  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea there was an actual beehive design behind the style. And no idea that it was actually invented by someone. What a lady, living to be 98 and that means she got to she the teased up beehive make a comeback, as it is back in style again. She must have loved that.

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