Fashion Comedy

For some old fashion-themed funnies, try:

UnknownI Love Lucy: 28 Feb, 1955 –  The Fashion Show
Lucy is asked to model in Don Loper’s celebrity wives fashion show but she ends up with a bad sunburn and has to wear a tweed suit for the show:

Unknown-1I Love Lucy: March 19, 1956 –  Lucy Gets a Paris Gown
Lucy is determined to get a new designer dress while in Paris and pretends to go on a starvation diet. Ricky and Fred find out and cook up a plan to have couture gowns made for Lucy and Ethel – from burlap:

d22aaec899e20b6042503a2768d7c962The Beverly Hillbillies: April 22, 1964 – The Dress Shop
Mr. Drysdale has the Clampetts buy a Beverly Hills dress shop as an investment. But the Clampetts show up to help the poor widow designer and her starving models:

Unknown-2Bewitched: Feb 24, 1966 – Samantha the Dressmaker
Sam zaps up dresses for her neighbours that are copies of designer originals she saw in Paris – until the designer shows up: list=PLdPXIQsb7f_28JkXMgb7RKyYK3IgZ0nCz

Unknown-3Mary Tyler Moore: Feb 8, 1975 – You Try to Be a Nice Guy
Mary helps a street girl she met in prison go straight – straight into fashion:

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