Quick, tell me who is the current designer for Balmain… anyone? anyone?

Its Olivier Rousteing, but I bet nobody in this crowd knows that. Rousteing’s off-the-rack collection for H&M looks like the love child of Yves St. Laurent and Gianni Versace… It’s nice, wearable clothing but there is nothing new orĀ original about it. I have seen every piece before – done by someone else. Yet this Parisian crowd like many other crowds around the world seem to think its underpriced as they grabbed every piece they could to resell online…

It’s official, the world is now going to hell in a handcart.

Here’s a video showing the collection:

5 thoughts on “Quick, tell me who is the current designer for Balmain… anyone? anyone?

  1. So true! This is totally madness!
    I own a pair of boots form H&M’s Anna Dello Russo collection. They are for sure nicely made and of very soft leather although not lined. Inside is stated “Made in China”, what doesn’t tell anything about the quality, but definately gives a hint about the original production price. You pay the designer most, nothing new. Or does anyone think in Italy (definately higher wages than in China) produced Louboutin shoes are really worth their money?
    Anyhow: This is the worlds future I fear, not only for fashion but also for the electronic market (think of Apple iPhone launches) or whatever else…

    • I know every generation has complained about prices, but today it seems everything is artificially overpriced or underpriced — its all very strange.

  2. I completely agree with your comments about Rousteing’s designs, Jonathan. However, I am Not surprised at all re: the buzz his HM collaboration has created. i teach fashion history at several colleges in the USA, and my students LOVE Rousteing….they think he’s a genius.
    At first I couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized 2 things:

    1. yes he is simply reviving Versace in the 90s, but these kids are 18 and 19, so were not yet born when those fashions were on the runway. In a world where retro is king, the 90s are the hottest thing right now….when I ask my students what their ‘favorite era’ of fashion history is… 50% say ‘the 90s’… haha.

    2. He has a very strong, very frank social media presence on instagram…. unlike most contemporary fashion designers he directly connects with his audience, including people who can’t afford Balmain….

    • That is great information to have – thanks! Makes sense he is marketing to the younger crowd using young methods of marketing. I love the 90s too – the FIRST time it happened!

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