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Myth Information – Hughes’ bra and ‘The Sale of Two Titties’

Although Howard Hughes finished producing The Outlaw in February 1941, it would not be widely released until 1946 because of censorship problems over Jane Russell’s breasts. How much of the censorship was real and how much was hoopla manufactured by … Continue reading

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Myth Information: It took hours to get dressed…

Great video by Priorattire that shows how long it took to get dressed in the 19th century – about 10 minutes…  

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Myth Information – The Merry Widow Hat

Exaggerations of truth plague the history of fashion, none more than the Merry Widow Hat. The story is that Lily Elsie, the English stage actress (and Kardashian of her day), donned a large hat to play the lead in the hit … Continue reading

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Myth Information – Quant and the Miniskirt

An oft-told tale is that Mary Quant ‘invented’ the miniskirt – a myth she didn’t readily deny, but when pressed she admitted she did not invent it anymore than Courreges or anyone else, and I agree with her. The mini was an … Continue reading

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What surprises me…

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was in Germany two days ago wearing this grey coat. Many noticed that some of the star designs on her coat resembled swastikas, which lead to criticism of the Queen. What I find surprising about … Continue reading

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Myth Information – Queen Victoria was the first bride to wear white

Weddings didn’t used to be a big thing. In the 18th century, weddings were usually held in the morning. They consisted of a solemn religious ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast for everyone in attendance at the church – maybe a dozen … Continue reading

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Glossary – Size Zero

For such a recent term, there are already apocryphal stories about its origin including that it was invented for Twiggy. The truth is that it first appeared in about 2000. American designer Nicole Miller is credited with its first use by … Continue reading

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Myth Information – High Heels Required

I heard a rumour a few months ago that at the Cannes Film Festival several women were banished from entering a gala for the film Carol (about lesbians in the 1950s) for wearing rhinestone flats. Apparently the Festival had a … Continue reading

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Victorian Button Strings

Recently, the museum was given a rope of Victorian buttons. At first I thought it was just one person’s collection but I have now found several others in museum collections. It turns out ‘button strings’ as they were called, were popular pastimes made by … Continue reading

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Big hair is racist?

I missed this story when it was in the news a month ago… The Boston Museum of Fine Arts had an interactive display where you could try on a reproduction of the kimono that appears in Monet’s 1875 picture ‘La Japonaise’, … Continue reading

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