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The suitcase…

“Dear clumsy bell boys, brutal cab drivers, careless doormen, ruthless porters, savage baggage masters, and all butter-fingered luggage handlers all of over the world. Have we got a suitcase for you…” If you watch Mad Men, you will know the … Continue reading

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Isn’t there a recession going on?

The last time I looked there was a serious recession still going on that was on the verge of getting worse because of a European debt load. So it makes it all that much harder to read about excesses like Beth … Continue reading

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Rare beads or white trash?

With up-cycling so hot, my friend Liz forwarded me a link about an especially clever transformation of trash to treasure. Jewellery maker Amelia Parker, salvages 18th and 19th century clay pipe fragments that wash up on the banks of the … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – John Forsyth Co. Ltd.

In Berlin, Ontario in 1903 John Forsyth and son, J.D.C. Forsyth became distributors of hat and sewing pins, thread, buttons, celluloid collars, buckles and combs. They also commissioned a line of men’s shirts to be made with the Forsyth name. By … Continue reading

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As Seen In – 1894 beaded purse

There is no seminal work on the history of purses, and I find that most beaded bags are mis-dated. That is why I found this 1894 illustration particularly helpful for dating this purse from the Fashion History Museum collection.

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Brophey Umbrellas

This smart looking pagoda shaped Brophey umbrella caught my eye today — Brophey was located in Montreal and had a fitful start…  After nearly twenty years of service to Tooke Brothers, a men’s haberdashery headquartered in Montreal, William Allard Brophey founded … Continue reading

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Vintage Fashion channel

If you haven’t discovered this site before, then you’re in for a treat! this is a site of British Pathe fashion newsreels from the 1920s – 1960s that were done about various trends and novelties such as kitchen utensil hats:

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As Seen In… Hermes gloves 1950

Advertisment for Hermes gloves, 1950 and the real things… This goes to prove that just because something is designer doesn’t necessarily make it good – these gloves tend to make the wearer look like she has hairy arms!

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As Seen In… Indian embroidered clutch

It’s not a perfect match because the embroidery is hand made and each purse would be unique, but this is obviously the same kind of purse.

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Fashion Myths…. Language of the Fan

The Victorian era removal of ribs to achieve an 18-inch waist is probably the most famous and oft-repeated fashion myth. However, there are many myths that are more credible but just as false. Beyond the practical uses of cooling the face and hiding yawns, fans … Continue reading

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