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The Squaw Dress

The term ‘Squaw dress’ is used to describe a two-piece dress with an aesthetic borrowed from the Southwest Apache, Navajo and Pueblo Native cultures that stretch between Tucson, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Similar styles known as Fiesta dresses borrowed … Continue reading

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Fashion Faux Pas – 2002

Fashion reached a new low 15 years ago when there was a hooker chic look consisting of overly tight everything with overly pointy-toed boots, laced up tops, low rise bell bottom jeans and micro minis or hot pants that looked like … Continue reading

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Wit Knits

I am stealing these images from Messy Nessy Chic because they are too good not to! These illustrations come from a 1986 English knitting book entitled Wit Knits – and modelled by British celebrities (at the time) including Joanna Lumley:

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Pop(can) fashions

In 1975, the Creative American Craft Series published a pamphlet of pop and beer can crochet fashions created by Evelyn Richardson of Long Beach, California. If you REALLY want to make some up, you can buy a facsimile of the … Continue reading

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1935 Cocktail Hour ideas…

Great film showing the latest in cocktail fashions (clothes and cocktails). The soundtrack is lost, but the original script survives: “Tricky new styles and ideas in cocktail accessories are being shown here at the National Wine and Liquor Show in … Continue reading

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Trompe l’oeil…

Apparently I like trompe-l’oeil, I seem to copy images to my photo bank when I find them: Added July 18: Gucci just did a collection for S/S 2016 that uses Tromp l’oeil:

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Bloomerism in Corning New York, 1851

This past summer we visited the Corning Glass Museum (well worth the visit), where Kenn took a photo of an 1851 painting in their collection depicting the earliest known view of Corning, before the glassworks were built. The view of the town depicts a … Continue reading

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3D printed dress

It will be interesting to see if this ever becomes a viable method of fashion production or if its just an expensive technological novelty:

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Fadshions – Teddy Girls

I was alerted to a really interesting post yesterday about Teddy girls. These were the female equivalent of Teddy boys – a working class subculture movement styled on Edwardian men’s clothes and early American rock music. In december 1954, freelance photographer … Continue reading

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A Smart phone or a ‘Get Smart’ Phone?

Apparently when you get to a certain age you begin to see your cultural references reinvented by a younger generation. The shoe phone for example – that spy gimmick from the 1965-1970 television show Get Smart has been reinvented by … Continue reading

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