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Manic Panic “The first punk boutique in America”

In 1973/74 Tish and Snooky Bellomo were aspiring singers from the Bronx hanging out in the glam rock/drag scene at places like Max’s Kansas City where David Bowie, Lou Reed and Debbie Harry of Blondie were regulars. Everybody loved the … Continue reading

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Shop Windows – 100 years of men’s fashion in 1922

Interesting picture of a store window showing a hundred years of men’s fashion 1822 – 1842 – 1862 – 1882 – 1902 – and 1922. I am guessing this image is probably from Macy’s in New York as its founder, Roland … Continue reading

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Shop Windows – Knocking off Schiaparelli in 1939

I ran across this undated window of Arnold Constable & Co. and I suspect these are knock-offs of Schiaparelli’s summer 1939 collection that was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Eiffel tower”

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HBC interior – 1931

Interior shots of the Vancouver Hudson Bay Company store, images taken October 8, 1931:

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The Paradise bores me and Mr. Selfridge annoys me…

Why doesn’t somebody do a series set in department store that would be REALLY fascinating… like Biba? There are plenty of posts in the blogosphere about Biba, so I won’t go into detail: It started in 1964 with a mail-order offer in … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to… dome soled sneakers

I remember when these shoes hit the market in the late 1990s and were being touted as the latest easy way to get a great body and improve your health. Launched in 1996 these shoes were originally called Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) … Continue reading

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Cute packaging ideas…

Hair Scrunchies by   Socks by         Bobby Pins by  

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Oak Hall Ready-to-Wear Menswear, c. 1902

This is the interior of Oak Hall Clothiers at 333 Talbot Street in St. Thomas, Ontario, ca. 1902. The garments on the table are men’s jackets folded inside out in stacks, presumabley arranged by size. It’s not clear if this … Continue reading

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Quick, tell me who is the current designer for Balmain… anyone? anyone?

Its Olivier Rousteing, but I bet nobody in this crowd knows that. Rousteing’s off-the-rack collection for H&M looks like the love child of Yves St. Laurent and Gianni Versace… It’s nice, wearable clothing but there is nothing new or original about … Continue reading

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Zero is the new 8, or is it…

Anyone who collects or wears vintage clothes knows that commercial sizes have dramatically changed over the years. There was never a need to arbitrarily assign sizes to clothing until the ready-to-wear industry took off in the early 20th century. The earliest ready-to-wear … Continue reading

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