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As Seen In – 1912 Paquin dress

French evening dress by Paquin from the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin, and the cover of the May 1912 issue of Les Modes with the same model being worn.

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100 Years Ago – The World and Fashion in 1919

In the wake of the end of the Great War and with the Spanish influenza pandemic in retreat, there must have been great relief to see 1918 come to an end and great hope for 1919. However, the new year … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Pucci u say Love (1991)

When Emilio Pucci won the CFDA lifetime achievement award in 1991, Lady Miss Kier was asked to create a tribute in song and fashion.

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Fashion in Song – In These Shoes? (2000)

Released on Kirsty MacColl’s 2000 album Tropical Brainstorm I once met a man with a sense of adventure He was dressed to thrill wherever he went He said: Let’s make love on a mountain top Under the stars on a … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Lydia the Tattooed Lady (1939)

There are several songs about tattooed women, but one of the best is by Groucho Marx. Lydia the Tattooed Lady, was written in 1939 by Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen, and was famously performed by Groucho Marx in the 1939 film … Continue reading

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The First Paper Clothing Fad: 1889 – 1893

The late 1960s fad for disposable paper clothing resulted in some mad, mod dresses in flower power prints, but this was the second time paper clothing was a fad. The first time was 80 years earlier, and it all began … Continue reading

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Fashion in Dance! The Paper Vest Galop – 1889

The piano music for the Paper Vest Galop dance was written by John E. Fancher, and was published by the R. C. Mudge Paper Clothing Company of Port Huron, Michigan in 1889 to celebrate and promote the latest fashion – … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Got a Pair of New Shoes (1937)

From the 1937 film Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry, Judy Garland sings this song, or parts of it, throughout the film: I spent my money today on something I had my heart set, Just like a lady in vogue I feel like … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Dedicated Follower of Fashion (1966)

This song is lampooning the Carnaby street world of English mod boutique culture and those who followed every latest craze. The Kinks songwriter Ray Davies claims he wrote the lyrics for Dedicated Follower of Fashion after having an argument with a … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Fashion (2009)

I am, I’m too fabulous I’m so, fierce that it’s so nuts I live, to be model thin Dress me, I’m your mannequin J’adore Vivienne habillez moi, Gucci, Fendi, et Prada. Valentino, Armani too. Merde I love them Jimmy Choo … Continue reading

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