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Best Fashion Film Documentaries

Like the fashion films, I am marking the ones I think are must-sees with three stars, okay docs with 2 stars, and avoid at all costs with 1 star. Anything without stars I have not seen: Advanced Style (2014) ** … Continue reading

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The Best Fashion Films

Three years ago I blogged a list of fashion-themed films but I have since found more. This time I also rated them: 3 stars for ‘must-see’, 2 stars for ‘okay’, 1 star for ‘don’t bother’. Those without stars are on my … Continue reading

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2016 Academy Award Costume Nominees

Once again it’s time for me to publicly embarrass myself by picking the wrong winner!  I actually get it right half the time, which is better odds than the groundhog — and even when I am wrong I usually know why … Continue reading

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As Seen In – Period film Costume appropriation…

I just came across this image of Judy Garland in this peculiar looking costume from the 1948 film The Pirate. Although strange, there was something about the tartan tam that seemed familiar. Sure enough the design was borrowed from this c. 1830 … Continue reading

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Film Costume Historian – Debbie Reynolds (1932 – 2016)

I know most people will be remembering Debbie Reynolds as a singer, dancer, actress, and famous dysfunctional mom to Carrie Fisher, but I prefer to remember her for her work as a collector and film costume historian. When MGM decided … Continue reading

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Janet Patterson, 1941 – 2016

I just learned that Janet Patterson, a costumer known for her work in period films, passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was the favourite costumer of Australian filmaker Jane Campion. Patterson’s period work included: Portrait of a Lady (1996), Oscar … Continue reading

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A must see film – Falbalas 1945

This film should be required viewing for students of 1940s fashion! The title Falbalas, which means frippery (ostentatious decoration), is translated into ‘Paris Frills’ on IMDB. The film was released in France in June 1945, shortly after European hostilities had ceased … Continue reading

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Real to Reel – Costume design in Bridge of Spies

We just saw Bridge of Spies last night and I was very impressed by the period realism of the costume design. The film takes place between 1957 and 1962, and although the film doesn’t promote the five year time frame (the children … Continue reading

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Period costuming in film and a great new website – Frock Flicks

I used to comment on period films with good and/or bad costuming on this blog, but they tended to be more controversial than I expected (apparently James Cameron’s Titanic is above reproach in many people’s eyes, and some feel costume designers … Continue reading

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2015 Academy Award Costume Nominations

Oscar nominations are in and I have seen only two of the nominated costume films so I have to judge by stills. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by some of the nominations this year, especially as I … Continue reading

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