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1992 Sportswear

Cleaning up some pic files and came across these shots of sportswear from spring 1992:

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A break from taste…

These 1940s/50s interior shots are… eye catching…

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Anita Pineault

The oldest of nine siblings, Anita Chouinard was born in Quebec in 1917. Her last name was changed to Pineault when she married. When he left to serve in Europe during World War II Anita took a job with the … Continue reading

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A Mask – the New Black?

The origin of wearing masks to protect against disease dates back to the mid 17th-century when doctors dressed against the bubonic plague in outfits that made them look like giant crows. The original idea for the ensemble is usually credited … Continue reading

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Herb Goldsmith 1927-2020

Herb Goldsmith was the man behind the Members Only brand. Born in the Bronx on September 3, 1927, his father was a traveling salesman for the garment company Chief Apparel. Herb served in Northern Italy during World War II where … Continue reading

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Glossary – Pneumonia Blouse

Diaphanous cotton batiste shirtwaists, often trimmed with lace and decorated with whitework embroidery were slangily referred to as ‘pneumonia blouses’ as early as 1905. The pneumonia term is often erroneously thought to date back to the Spanish Influenza of 1918/19, … Continue reading

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Catching Flies

I just read an interesting article about beauty marks or patches (called ‘flies’ in French). This is a rough English translation of that article by Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset, international relations historian and project manager at the Cultural Development Department of the … Continue reading

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Dressed for the photographer, 1842 – 1851

These stellar photographs were taken by Hermann Carl Eduard Biewend (1814-1888), a chemist, scientist, and amateur photographer in Germany. The photographs he took of his wife and children are remarkable for their warmth and humanity. They are also great shots … Continue reading

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Rossiters of Paignton

I acquired this c. 1955 dress about 15 years ago from a theatre costume department in Toronto. It isn’t in perfect shape but I like the brocade pattern, and the style is classic 50s. The English dress is labelled Rossiters … Continue reading

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Oscar Thoughts 2020

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