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Nettles for Textiles

In Germany during World War 1, nettles were used for creating textiles for making underwear and bandages. This film shows the process of how this plant is transformed from a stinging weed into a useful textile fibre.

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Soviet Deco Textiles

There were some amazing textiles created in the late 1920s and very early 1930s in Soviet Russia, particularly between about 1927 and 1930. I have been collecting a file as I come across samples online:

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Canadian textile artist Thor Hansen

Danish born Canadian artist Thor Hansen (1903-1974) created amazing prints for household textiles in the 1950s and 1960s. Settling in Saskatchewan in 1927, he eventually found work at the British American Oil Company’s Regina office. In 1938, he was transferred to Toronto … Continue reading

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123 Year old Levis

These modern-looking jeans in a modern size (44 waist and 36 inseam) were purchased in 1893 by Solomon Warner, a dry goods store owner in Tucson, Arizona Territory. They are in near mint condition, having been worn only a few … Continue reading

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Intended as wallpaper and possibly a fashion?

Bubblewrap was developed in 1957 as a space-age wallpaper, but nobody liked the idea. Then the American inventors, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, realized it had potential as a packing material. They went into business in 1960 and one of … Continue reading

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3-D printed dress collection

I would REALLY like to get one of these 3D printed dresses for the museum collection. An Israeli designer has put out a collection and I love the innovation:  

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Who killed the corset?

This interesting article brings a new contender forward as a possible leader for the abolishment of corsetry in the early 1900s – Mme Margaine-Lacroix. As early as 1899 she was producing what she called the ‘robe-sylphide’. Advertised as being “ sans corset” (without … Continue reading

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A Tale and Two Mill Towns

This week the town of Hespeler has been transformed into Hesplerwood – a filming location for the upcoming mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63. The main street has been dressed to resemble Lisbon, Maine, c. 1960. King attended high … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Dominion Woollens and Worsteds 1928-1959

In 1870 Scottish-born Robert Forbes entered into a partnership with Jonathan Schofield in Hespeler, Ontario to operate J. Schofield & Co. – a mill to produce woollen flannels, plaids and tweeds as well as drugget carpeting. In 1874 the partners purchased the … Continue reading

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Dye Bleeds – Shazbot!

A few days ago I decided to clean-up the storage room as too many things were in need of being put away in their proper boxes. In the bottom of a plastic bag I rediscovered this 1978 T-shirt featuring Robin Williams as … Continue reading

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