A Wedding Museum in the Honeymoon Capital

(Originally blogged June 6, 2009)

Years ago we met Niagara Falls bed and breakfast inn operators David Tetrault and Doddy Sardjito. David is also an avid vintage clothing collector who has wanted to open a museum devoted to wedding attire – an appropriate choice considering Niagara Fall’s alternate name is ’Honeymoon Capital of the World.’ This summer an opportunity arose when a developer, wanting to revitalize what was once the commercial main street (in the days before malls and box stores drew businesses away from downtowns), worked with David and Doddy to open the Niagara Falls Wedding Museum. Yesterday we got the chance to take a quick tour of the gallery.

The Wedding Museum, Niagara Falls, Canada

In one corner there is a display of traditionally inspired Indonesian wedding garments, from Doddy’s home country; the rest of the gallery is devoted to a chronological display of fashionable wedding dresses and other items typically found in trousseaus, from the early 19th century to 1995. An Ossie Clark lavendar moss crepe 70s dress faces across the aisle to a Parisian labelled wedding gown from 1911 found in Argentina (David and Doddy used to work on cruise ships and picked up treasures at every port.)

The museum is entered through a storefront gift shop managed by the very friendly Janey, without doubt the museum’s number one fan! If you are in Niagara Falls and want to go, the Wedding Museum is on Queen Street near Victoria Avenue – a little out of the tourist area but not difficult to find and there are lots of choices for restaurants in the area, not overpriced like those in the tourist zone, so its worth the trip!