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Glues for Conservation

Ran across these charts — might be useful:

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Dry Cleaning – Pearl Laundry

I am often asked “How did they used to keep their clothes clean?” Various forms of dry cleaning have been around for centuries, and many garments such as wool suits were wet washed that today we wouldn’t consider washable. The … Continue reading

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Vintage cleaning tips: Cleaning lace

I run across a variety of cleaning tips in old magazines etc. and I am sure some of them are good…  Here is one from the back of a cigarette card that I doubt I will be trying anytime soon, … Continue reading

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Boot and shoe care, c. 1910

In about 1910, the English tobacco company, Gallaher’s Cigarettes, printed a series of 100 “How to do it” cards that included everyday useful and helpful tips including these three for boot and shoe care:

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Moths? Freeze them.

I was giving a lecture last night about the historical use of felt in fashion and was asked about how to care for felt. As felt is made of animal fibres, moths are potentially the worst problem and so I … Continue reading

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