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British Wartime Fashion – Make Do and Mend

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Brampton Knitting Mills

We were recently offered a spool of labels from the Brampton Knitting Mills. I had not heard of the company before but with a bit of googling came up with a pretty complete history: John McMurchy founded J.M. McMurchy & Sons … Continue reading

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Hitler’s hat

An article caught my eye yesterday about the late Richard Marowitz who was with the reconnaissance unit of the 42nd Infantry Division during World War II. When his unit was in Munich cleaning out Hitler’s apartment he came across the former Führer’s … Continue reading

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Book Review – Sleeping With the Enemy

Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War, is an expose of Chanel during and after World War II. Author Hal Vaughan spent years researching Chanel’s association with the Nazis. When his book came out in 2011 the Chanel company … Continue reading

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How to tie a turban – 1942


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Film Costume Review – recreating World War II fashions in film

I have a weakness for films set during World War II, especially if they are about civilian life during the war. I wrote my book Forties Fashion to clarify the differences in national styles during the war, because women in London, New … Continue reading

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Making Do in 1942…

(Originally blogged November 11, 2010) Remembrance day is intended to honour the memory of those who died in service but civilians also paid a very high price, especially during World War II – the first war where more civilians died … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Little Coat (it could also have been called World War II’s Last War Bride)

(Originally blogged May 19, 2010) Yesterday I picked up a book at the library about the true story of a little Dutch girl who received a gift of a winter coat from a Canadian soldier for Christmas 1944. The story … Continue reading

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Images, War and Remembrance

(Originally blogged November 8, 2009) Buying images for a publication can be prohibitively expensive. I wish I had known about the Library of Congress image archives when I wrote my book Forties Fashion. They have a phenomenol collection and it’s … Continue reading

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Erata… Peep toe shoes and CC41…

(Originally blogged October 16, 2009) I hate being wrong and usually avoid being corrected by rarely stating absolute truths unless I know I can prove it, however I am the first to admit fault when I have found the error … Continue reading

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