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Dye Jobs…

(Originally blogged March 29, 2010) Who first coloured their hair purple – English punks or Mrs. Slocum? Neither… During the early 1960’s there was a brief courting with pastel coloured “fun” wigs to match party dresses, including mauve and lavendar … Continue reading

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Dyeing to be fashionable

(Originally blogged February 26, 2010) Remember the 90s when everyone wore black until a darker shade came along? Colour may be a tool of fashion but in the past it could represent far more. The first colour that carried fashion … Continue reading

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‘And What’s Wrong with Muriel Puce?’

(Originally blogged November 12, 2009) …asks Gloria Upson of her fiance Patrick Dennis in Auntie Mame. To me, puce has always been an onomatopoeiac word – it looks like it sounds (dull and murky) and yet few people know what … Continue reading

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