How 1913 saw the fashions of 1913

From the July 26 edition of the English magazine The Sphere, this fashion report sums up the influences and changes seen in the Spring 1913 fashions. The key points include an acknowledgement of the hobble skirt; first introduced in 1910, the hobble was now universally seen with a slit at the hem (to ease movement.) Panniers, first seen in 1912, gracefully draped the hips, and draped skirts, inspired by ancient Greek sculptures, were an inspiration for many designers in 1913. Sashes were popular as well as V necklines, standing ‘Medici’ collars, and decorative (not functional) pockets. Most interestingly is a claim that the trouble ‘in the East’ is likely the inspiration for the introduction of embroideries.┬áThe reference is likely to the wars and revolts happening throughout the Balkans from Greece to Turkey.

The illustration used on the cover of the July 26, 1913 edition of The Sphere first appeared on the cover of the April 1 edition of Femina. Illustration by Bernard Boutet de Monvel. Thanks to Fashion Historians Unite for the scans.

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