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Cross dressing violation

I snagged this photo off of  (not very original of me to so blatantly lift someone else’s blog material, but the photo was too good!)

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Life in a Bubble in 1963…

Beautiful models are often accused of living their lives in a bubble. Here, photographer  Melvin Sokolsky literally shows models in bubbles for a series of photos taken in Paris in 1963 for Harper’s Bazaar magazine:

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Shop Windows – Knocking off Schiaparelli in 1939

I ran across this undated window of Arnold Constable & Co. and I suspect these are knock-offs of Schiaparelli’s summer 1939 collection that was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Eiffel tower”

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Weird Victorian Photos

And there are many more here:

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Bill Cunningham – 1929-2016

Fashion photo-journalist Bill Cunningham, pictured here pointing his camera while wearing his signature French workman’s jacket, tried to be an inconspicuous observer of New York fashion, but he was as well known to New Yorkers as the naked cowboy. He passed away … Continue reading

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Dragging Up the Past for Halloween…

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Vintage Sartorialist – August 24, 1918

In the late summer of 1918 the U.S. government launched a campaign to gather as many peach pits as possible to be used in the production of charcoal for gas masks. American chemist James Bert Garner found that charcoal made from coconut shell, nut shells, … Continue reading

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Shopping at the Junior League Thrift store in Vancouver, 1946

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More Foncie Pulice

I spent a couple of hours on Sunday going through the Foncie Pulice website and  ‘borrowed’ a few more…

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Vintage Sartorialist – Foncie Pulice – Vancouver street photographer 1934-1979

I remember seeing Alphonso (Foncie) Pulice once in the early 1970s on Granville street in downtown Vancouver. He would take snaps of people as they passed by and hand you a card where you could pick up the snap the next … Continue reading

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