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The House of Eliott – 25 years later

I only saw parts of the House of Eliott when it was originally broadcast 1991 – 1994 because we lived in a building that didn’t have cable. I remember liking the series, and so when a copy of the DVDs … Continue reading

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Costume Designer Piero Tosi

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, I used to watch the ‘Late Late Show’ movies on T.V. that played into the wee hours of the morning. Many were melodramatic foreign films with fantastic sets and period costumes starring actors … Continue reading

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Fashion Show from late 1929 – Kiddie Revue

This fashion show segment was the finale from a short film called Kiddie Revue, released March 1930 but probably filmed in late 1929, judging by the costumes. The film Kiddie Revue was originally a segment from the unfinished musical March … Continue reading

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Is There a Museum of Folk?

I don’t know of a museum that specializes in European folk dress – those strange costumes worn for specific carnivals or traditional ceremonies. I am sure European regional museums collect local garments, but wouldn’t it be great to see these … Continue reading

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A Day in the 1940s

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at Todmorden Mills Museum 3rd annual Fab Forties day. It was a bit of a time-trip for me to begin with because I worked at the museum from August 1985 to March 1987. When … Continue reading

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2017 Academy Award Costume Nominees

I did it! For the first time I have seen all five Academy Award costume nominated films so I won’t have to judge from stills and trailers: Jacqueline Durran has been nominated for two films this year – Beauty and … Continue reading

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That time Chanel went to Hollywood…

On January 19, 1931, the New York Times reported film producer Samuel Goldwyn’s announcement: “After more than three years of constant effort, I have at last persuaded Madame Gabrielle Chanel, fashion dictator, to go to Hollywood to co-operate with me … Continue reading

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Film & Fashion – Wonderstruck

Sandy Powell is no stranger to awards for her costume work. She has received three Oscars for The Young Victoria (2009), The Aviator (2004), and, Shakespeare in Love (1999), as well as nominations for: Carol, Hugo, Cinderella, The Tempest, Mrs. … Continue reading

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John Mollo, 1931 – 2017

Costume designer John Mollo died October 25, at the age of 86. Before becoming a costume designer, Mollo specialized in historical military uniforms, and wrote several books on the topic. He acted as an historical advisor on films including  The Charge of … Continue reading

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Fashion Hall of Obscurity – Marit Allen

Marit Allen’s career in fashion started at the age of twenty at Queen Magazine in 1961. She created a column called ‘About 20’ that showcased young designers with young fashion ideas – perfect timing for the burgeoning Mod movement. In 1964, … Continue reading

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