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Canadian Fashion Connection – Fashion Prosthetics

In 2013, Ryan Palibroda and McMauley Wanner, who had met at the University of Calgary two years previously, formed the Alleles design studio. Their goal was to create affordable and accessible fashionable options for lower limb amputees using their skills in … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Dry Goods and Style c. 1888-2008

One of the best resources for Canadian fashion business history is the publication Style – not the online millennial fashion site, or the British fash mag, but the fashion trade publication that was in production for over a century. It’s origins … Continue reading

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Another season at the FHM

We open for another year this Wednesday, March 15 with two exhibitions. In Gallery One from March 15 – July 9: Dior, 1947 – 1962. Ten dresses from the first 15 years of the House of Dior that illustrate Dior’s … Continue reading

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Emmanuelle Khanh, 1937 – 2017

Best known for her eyewear designs, Emmanuelle Khanh began life in Paris with the name Renée Georgette Jeanne Mézière on Sept. 12, 1937. At the age of 20, she married her husband Nguyen (Quasar) Manh Khanh, an engineer who became … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – The Hockey Mask

I know, the hockey mask isn’t strictly ‘fashion’, but it is worn and the styles change for both technical and aesthetic reasons, so in the broadest sense, they are fashion. The first recorded use of a hockey player wearing a mask … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – The Cowichan Sweater

Bulky knit sweaters are unquestionably a Canadian fashion. Their creation has been the result of a fusion of European and Native techniques and designs that developed over the last century. There is some confusion over what to call these bulky yarn sweaters … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Canada’s Top Models

Canada has produced a number of famous fashion models, but until the 1980s Canadian models worked almost exclusively within Canada. As fashion became more international in the 1980s, so did the reputation of Canada’s models. Canadian-born Linda Evangelista, with her … Continue reading

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Why we wear clothes?

I don’t normally comment on who wore what at events anymore because I don’t want to judge others, but after seeing some of the Grammy outfits this year I have to wonder what has happened to good taste. Clothes are … Continue reading

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Wit Knits

I am stealing these images from Messy Nessy Chic because they are too good not to! These illustrations come from a 1986 English knitting book entitled Wit Knits – and modelled by British celebrities (at the time) including Joanna Lumley:

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Galt Knitting Company

Founded in 1881 by Adam Warnock, the Galt Knitting Co. manufactured knitted cotton undergarments as well as knitted shoe and boot linings. The company was renamed Tiger Brand Knitting Company in 1954 after a line of men’s underwear they had … Continue reading

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