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Emmanuelle Khanh, 1937 – 2017

Best known for her eyewear designs, Emmanuelle Khanh began life in Paris with the name Renée Georgette Jeanne Mézière on Sept. 12, 1937. At the age of 20, she married her husband Nguyen (Quasar) Manh Khanh, an engineer who became … Continue reading

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WHAM, Slogan T-shirts, and Katherine Hamnett

Although George Michael (1963 – 2016) was not a fashion designer, he was influential in bringing success to English designer Katharine Hamnett. The 32-year-old English born Hamnett was a graduate of London’s Saint Martin’s School of Art when she founded her label in … Continue reading

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Fashion Hall of Obscurity – Sassy Jane Manufacturing Co.

The Sassy Jane Manufacturing Company was incorporated on March 22, 1917 by Missouri-born June Rand – a seamstress who had moved to California. She started the company in Los Angeles making gingham aprons, and with that endeavour becoming successful she … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Potbelly Boutique (c. 1965 – 1978)

Le Hibou (The Owl) was Ottawa’s first coffee house, founded in 1960 by Denis Faulkner, a student from the University of Ottawa who wanted a place where young Ottawans could meet, listen to music, play chess, and drink coffee. The club … Continue reading

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Fashion hall of Obscurity – Jack Herzog

Born in 1898, Jack Herzog leant his name to his family’s business that began as a series of smaller New York manufacturing firms run by Jack and his brothers that amalgamated in 1921, likely to weather the recession that occurred … Continue reading

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James Galanos, 1924 – 2016

James Galanos was the last of his generation of the postwar designers that shaped American style in the 1950s and 1960s and remained active into the 1990s, dressing the ladies who lunch crowd,  especially First Lady Nancy Reagan. Galanos was born … Continue reading

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The problem with museum acquisitions…

In my experience, fashion museums have three problems to deal with when it comes to acquiring artifacts: The museum is the last to know Museums are often the last place to be contacted. After grandma dies, every female in the … Continue reading

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Fashion Hall of Obscurity – Victor Haffenden

A few months ago the museum was given a sleeveless, scoop-necked, full length white cotton lace dress with a blue cummerbund sash, worn in 1955 as a wedding dress. It didn’t look particularly ‘bridal’, but the donor, who had also … Continue reading

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Sonia Rykiel 1930 – 2016

Twice bestowed the Legion of Honor by French presidents, Sonia Rykiel (pronounced ree-KYEL) was a recognizable icon of French style with her pale face, masses of red hair, mascara-rimmed eyes and almost always dressed in black. Rykiel was born Sonia … Continue reading

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Shop Windows – Knocking off Schiaparelli in 1939

I ran across this undated window of Arnold Constable & Co. and I suspect these are knock-offs of Schiaparelli’s summer 1939 collection that was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Eiffel tower”

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