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Canadian Fashion Connection – C. J. Grenier Ltd.

Jerome Grenier established his corset company in Montreal in 1860. Over the years the company grew to include bras and girdles, stockings, and swimwear – one of their most popular product lines was the Caresse bra. Since the 1990s, it … Continue reading

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The Underpinnings Museum

I just discovered a new museum of underwear. The Underpinning Museum was founded late last year in England and is currently only online but they do pop-up exhibitions and events that are listed on their site (

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Galt Knitting Company

Founded in 1881 by Adam Warnock, the Galt Knitting Co. manufactured knitted cotton undergarments as well as knitted shoe and boot linings. The company was renamed Tiger Brand Knitting Company in 1954 after a line of men’s underwear they had … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – McGregor Socks

McGregor Socks was founded in Toronto in 1928 by brothers Jack and Nathan Lipson and brother-in-law Joseph Doran. Although none had Scottish roots, the name was chosen to capitalize on the stereotype of the frugal Scot. In the late 1930s … Continue reading

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How the corset turned into a girdle… 1900 – 1919

Interesting chart I found online showing the shape changes 1900 – 1919 and how the corset became a girdle:

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Canadian lingerie designer Claire Haddad 1924-2016 (primarily active 1964-1985)

Born Claire Margaret Bardwell in Toronto, Claire Haddad was  a pioneer of Canadian designer lingerie. She was born into the fashion trade – her parents, born in Syria and Lebanon, had started Bard’s, a company that made bathrobes and housecoats from … Continue reading

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Bloomerism in Corning New York, 1851

This past summer we visited the Corning Glass Museum (well worth the visit), where Kenn took a photo of an 1851 painting in their collection depicting the earliest known view of Corning, before the glassworks were built. The view of the town depicts a … Continue reading

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1876 Canadian book railing against corsetry

I am not a follower of the Victorian hysteria over corsetry. When worn responsibly, corsets simply smoothed the figure, slightly slimmed the waist and supported the breasts – however it is the vanity of the wearer that turned these reasonable undergarments into objects … Continue reading

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Who killed the corset?

This interesting article brings a new contender forward as a possible leader for the abolishment of corsetry in the early 1900s – Mme Margaine-Lacroix. As early as 1899 she was producing what she called the ‘robe-sylphide’. Advertised as being “ sans corset” (without … Continue reading

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A Reason for Pyjamas…

When I first spotted this image of a woman in pyjamas I thought it was from the 1920s, but upon closer inspection you can see that the woman is running from a Zeppelin attack! The first successful raid on London by a Zeppelin … Continue reading

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